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single phase frequency converter


Our Single Phase Frequency Unit Converter is one of the most advanced AC to DC conversion products which can convert ordinary three-phase power to industrial single-phase power. The converter can supply power to all kinds of electric equipment, electric motors, pump, compressor, and other industrial power supply with an efficiency of greater than 90% raising intermediate noise of less than 50Db at one meter. Applicable to all types of load.


  • Reduced cost of investment on equipments.
  • Convienent for usage.
  • Suitable for all types of home appliances,electric tools, electric motors etc.
  • High efficiency and stable performance.
  • Powerful protection function against short circuit, overload and over temperature respectively.
  • Pure sine wave output with good response.

Technical Details

Input Voltage230V AC +15%
Input Frequency50 Hz ± 10%
Output Voltage230 + 1%
Frequency50 Hz + 0.5%, 60 Hz + 0.5%
Power Factor0.8 Lag To Unity
Crest Factor3:1
Transient Response On 10% To 100% Step Load Change Output Remains Within 5% & Recovery Within 1 Cycle.
Overload120% For 1 min.,150% For 10 sec.
Input Over VoltageRectifier Trip
O/P Under/Over VoltageInverter Trip
Inverter> 90%
Ac To Ac> 80%
Generator CompatibleYes
Acoustic Noise< 50 Db At One Meter